Friday, April 13, 2012

Julien Stranger #15.

Frontside air with his dog Murphy in the background.

Neal Hendrix has joined up with Mike V.'s Elephant Skateboards and dropped a three minute clip filmed at Woodward. I wasn't exactly feeling the overly dramatic lighting or the blandness of the music, but Neal destroys the vert ramp. He does all sorts of nollie variations and his fastplants look amazing. Hee Haw still gets up in the air, too. It's better than a 1080 any day.

Experience Ron Chatman at the Chrome Ball Incident today. Ron actually didn't like that graphic.

Be careful.

Gabe Morford was behind the lens.

Strength - October 2001

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Sean said...

Julien I haven't seen! Thank god there are dudes who don't grab stink bug.