Friday, May 31, 2013

Jeff Pang #3.

13 Steps.
In The Dark.
In The Rain.
'Pang' deck with new concave available now.
Beauty is most sublime when it is simply implied.
Power is at its strongest when it is evident to all.

Pang rode for Underworld Element, Cream, and Zoo York. He was also the team manager for Zoo. He's the sports marketing director for DC Shoes these days.

There was a cool look back on NYC skateboarding in Transworld last month that talked to a bunch of the heads from the mid 1990s.

This closes out Cream week. This one was a lot harder to put together than others because there was not a whole lot of source material to work with that I actually had. More New York City stuff on Monday.

Gunars Elnuts photogaphy.

Slap - January 1997 Volume 6 Number 1

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