Monday, May 13, 2013

Tony Magnusson.


Tony started H-Street in 1987 with Mike Ternasky. It was known as Magnusson Designs up until 1988. This was probably a good name change because self titled companies don't always work out for the best. The early team included Matt Hensley, Ron Allen, Danny Way, John Sonner, Eddie Elguera, and Brian Lotti. There were a lot of guys on the team over the years so I'm just mentioning the bigger names. They shook up skateboarding with the Shackle Me Not video in 1988. Instead of the high end Powell Peralta productions, Shackle Me Not was more lo-fi and filmed with standard video cameras. No fancy gimmicks, just raw skateboarding that the kids could identify with. And did they ever. H-Street went on to become one of the biggest companies in skateboarding in the late 1980s and early 1990s until things got a little too big and everything fell apart. It was a good run while it lasted.

Transworld - January 1990 Volume 8 Number 1


Anonymous said...

I loved H-Street for the very reason you stated: it was everything those Powell videos weren't.

I think Magnusson is trying to resurrect the brand.

--Rikku Markka

Keith said...

H-Street was epic for the time. For 2 or 3 years, between them and World, all the big companies got decimated. Then they got too big and the cycle continued.

Anonymous said...

John Schultes was one of the first pros for the company