Thursday, May 2, 2013

Joe Nemeth & Panama Dan Zimmerman.


Joe is from Las Vegas. I don't think he is related to Crazy Eddie Nemeth from San Jose.

Dan is from Panama. It's fairly easy to see how he got the nickname.

So Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen have quit the Alien Workshop. I don't think there's been a major industry change like that in a while.* I figured they'd be moving to working behind the scenes with the company since they are getting older and seem to have been running things lately.

* Unless of course you're a hardcore old school guy who can't believe Tony Hawk is riding for Indy after all those years on Tracker.

Transworld - June 1994 Volume 12 Number 6


chuck rich said...

joe nemeth also had a pro deck for scarecrow. ill have to find it and post in in my skate collection blog

Lucas said...

Pre-Jamie Thomas Toy Machine had the most random team—I think even said that before Jamie came along, he'd just put on dudes he saw around Huntington Beach or whatever.

Lucas said...

Even Ed said.

justin said...

I thought Joe was pro for Scarecrow.

That is correct about Ed's team selection process. Tomorrow to a small extent and Monday are going to be mining the depths of obscurity.

Lance said...

Joe is my brother in law.

He was pro for Scarecrow. He never had a deck on Toy Machine. I think he also skated for the pre-Toy Machine company that Ed and Mike V did called Television.

I finally convinced Joe to roll the local skatepark with me the other day and he still rips. One of our hometown Las Vegas/Henderson heroes for sure.

No relation to "Crazy" Eddie Nemeth.

Justin said...

Thanks for the update, Lance.