Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rick Ibaseta #3.

It's going to be a short week of Cream and related things.

Rick was an am and turned pro for New Deal. He was part of the original team on Andy Howell's Underworld Element. After things started to change at UE, Rick started Cream. The team was Jeff Pang, Joey Alvarez, and Peter Huynh.

I had the hardest time finding any ads for Cream. I checked Thrasher, Slap, and Transworld twice over from 1994 to 1996. I'm making an educated guess that they advertised in Big Brother, which I barely have any issues from for those years. I'm also going to make an educated guess that the Chrome Ball Incident and Skately have documented most of what Cream did put out.

Tobin Yelland did all the work.

Transworld - June 1994 Volume 12 Number 6


Keith said...

yeah Rick I!

Stoked on that guy. I think you're right that most Cream has been covered by Chromeball. iirc most of their ads had no skating it them. But that was a long time ago and my recollection could totally be off lol

Justin said...

From what is online already, most of the ads were text and small logos. Real simple stuff. I'm surprised they are remembered as much as they are.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Rick I on the original line of Stereo? before Visual Sound.

justin said...

Whoops. I forgot about that. He was on Stereo. No ads and left before the video came out to do Cream. He was also on Shut prior to the New Deal.