Monday, July 8, 2013

Andrew Morrison #2.

"New Zealand pro Andrew Morrison knows that Sawblades cut through the bull! Totally resharpened to perform where others don't. Available now to those who want to be on the leading edge of cutting 'thane."

A Vert Is Dead favorite. Andrew rode for Schmitt Stix and was part of the New Deal. He could stall inverts for a long time and bust out some street moves. I liked his part in 1281.

I'm doing a week of Schmitt Stix for the purpose of getting some Andy Howell on this website. Schmitt was the brainchild of Paul Schmitt and there was an emphasis on creating highly functional products. The company was distributed by Vision. The team included Chris Miller, Joe Lopes, Allen Midgett, Steve Douglas, Reese Simpson, John Lucero, Danny Sargent, Ed Templeton, and more. Schmitt Stix lasted until early in 1990 when a bunch of the team broke away from Vision to start the New Deal.

A guest post from Julien Stranger is pretty epic. What if the ender is a Blender interview?

The photo is by Chris Ortiz.

Thrasher - January 1990 Volume 10 Number 1

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