Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hans Lindgren.

The Crow Bar.

That's actually awesome.

Hans was a freestyler who rode for Schmitt and was part of the group that started the New Deal. He has a few tricks in the New Deal promo video, which is tacked onto the end of Useless Wooden Toys if you fast forward after the end credits. Or it's probably on YouTube these days.

I should do a week of freestylers at some point.

Rick Kosick took the action photos. I could use a first name for the lifestyle shot credited to Putnam.

Thrasher - August 1989 Volume 9 Number 8


-A said...

I always wanted the Crow Bar deck when I was a young'un.

Gustavo Oliveira said...

Man! There was longboards in the 80s?!