Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mike Smith #2.

This is classic World Industries advertising spin from the days of yore. So wrong and so funny.

Mike also had some sort of music project called Ape Rock. Did anybody ever order the tape?

There was a Liberty video called Horror. It's from 1990. I'd never really heard of it.

Transworld - December 1990 Volume 8 Number 12


Justin said...

The whole thing appears to be on Vimeo:

chuck rich said...

yes i used to buy stuff out of that vw bus from him. there used to be a rad bank to wall at that school that him and Natas had some pics at. yes Mike Smith's Ape Rock was a tape he made and it was pretty good, he will still play songs off that at some local places around. i recently had someone give me a burned CD of it.

Paul said...

"Special restraining orders prohibit Smith from visiting preschools, but you can meet him outside the gate."


chuck rich said...

bonus fact about redondo union high school is traci lords went to school there

Justin said...

So this was actually happening? As in Mike was selling stuff at schools? That's kind of mind blowing. I never doubted that he was actually selling decks from his van, but I figured this was something they made up for the ad.

chuck rich said...

i dont think he actually went and sold stuff at schools but he did always have product in his van for sale. i usually met him at the vert ramp he skated and buy shit.