Friday, September 18, 2015

Aggro Zone.

Get Aggro.

Aggro Zone was a column by Neil Blender that ran in Transworld a little before I got into skateboarding. This is a return visit to the feature from quite a few years ago now with an intro penned by Kevin Wilkins. You get photos taken by Neil of famous guys like Lance Mountain and Chris Miller, along with lesser known types like Mike Lohrman and Matt Campora. I find it interesting how skate photos used to be more tightly cropped and close up compared to the grand full scenes in many of today's pictures. Neither is necessarily better, just different and a sign of how things change over time. I'm sure there's a thesis project in there if somebody wants to go for it.

Thanks to Ed for the link on the Facebook.

Transworld - December 2003 Volume 21 Number 12


Sean said...

You don't need much context for a vert ramp.

Justin said...

True. Even the street photos were cropped tighter though. It's a little bolder and more in your face.