Friday, September 4, 2015

Bam Margera #5.

Bam owned FDR. I've been there a few times so that makes it more impressive to see his parts and know the terrain he did the tricks on. I'm pretty sure my best trick there ever was a nollie kickflip on the flat.

Around the same time as Bam was making the CKY videos, the Big Brother staff were also making their own videos of similar antics, thanks to the deep pockets of Larry Flynt. Obviously the two groups belonged together and thus the Jackass franchise was born. MTV aired the show and it spawned a movie with several sequels. I watched the TV show some and saw the first movie in the theater because I seldom go to the movies. It was neat to see the folks from Big Brother make the transition from a television in a skateboard shop to the big screen. I mostly lost interest in Jackass after that point and didn't really keep up with all the stuff that they were doing. I know the crew has been through some up and downs over the years to say the least.

I probably also need to mention HIM, Bam's favorite band. They are from Finland and that heartagram is their logo that you see all over the place.

I wanted to spend a week looking at the early years of Bam and focus on the skateboarding that allowed him to go onto making movies and whatnot. There really have not been many posts about him on here or even at the Chrome Ball Incident so I wanted to change that. The Emerica and Lakai Stay Flared tour stopped at his house so there was a recent update in Thrasher about him. That's where the idea for this week came from.

Vert Is Dead will be back on Tuesday, September 8. Enjoy the Labor Day weekend.

Thrasher - October 2003 Volume 23 Number 10


nonickname said...

enjoy the long weekend before meeting your new crop of students.

Paul said...

Thank you for your dedication! Even I am not commenting on every post,i appreciate it, and I think that there are tons of people that would second this! Greetings from Germany

Justin said...

You're welcome.