Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ed Templeton #20.

Ed floats a backside ollie.

The Tempster was on Vans before getting an offer from Sole Technologies to ride for a new shoe company that was going to make vegan friendly footwear. Sheep was around for a couple of years before being put out to pasture. Ed made the in-house move to Emerica and has been wearing their kicks ever since.

It sure is easier to put bearings in new wheels than it is to get them out of the old wheels. Do they still make bearing presses?

Transworld - February 1998 Volume 16 Number 2


Paul said...

Sheep Shoes would be a great comeback!

Justin said...

There was a reissue of the Merlino at some point a few years ago. Or there was supposed to be. I saw photos of it, but I don't know how available they were. With Sole Tech bring eS back, I sadly don't see a return of Sheep.

nonickname said...

Indy (nhs fun factory) still sells bearing presses on their Web page.

Justin said...

Are they expensive? I will check that out.

nonickname said...

Very. $40 to $55 they seem like a shop item that would take up a lot of space.

Justin said...

Is it bad that I thought fifty bucks for an Indy bearing press seemed reasonable?

I know I've seen them before and they aren't that big, maybe about the size of a table mounted vise. Not small, but not huge. I'm seriously getting myself one for Christmas. It's gonna be the best Christmas ever.