Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mike Rusczyk #3.

Rather Ripped.

Mike's originally from Crown Point, Indiana. He bounced around to quite a few places over the years before ending up in Santa Rosa, California in the late 1990s. He started really getting into skateboarding in 1988 while living in the Chicago area. Mike was sponsored by Acme after the team did a demo in Peoria, Illinois at the local park. He would go on to ride for and turn pro for Foundation. He had parts in a few of their videos. I watched his part in Cataclysmic Abyss last night. I had somehow forgotten that video. His section was great, with a lot of wallrides, pop shove-its, and no complies. The Sonic Youth made it even better. It appears he's involved with something called the Office of Fine Art and GOOD Design these days.

Note: This backside lipslide was in Mike's part in Foundation's Art Bars.

Transworld - May 2001 Volume 19 Number 5

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