Monday, March 7, 2016

Jason Dill #11.


Vert Is Dead takes a look at another extinct footwear endeavor for the week. Vita was briefly alive from 1998 to 2001. Natas Kaupas started the company with Mark Oblow. The team included Gideon Choi, Jason Dill, Reese Forbes, Danny Garcia, Kenny Hughes, Tim O'Connor, Max Schaaf, and Rob Pluhowski. The shoes were slightly different. Some of the earlier designs were simpler beefy cupsoles and the later designs went oddly high tech. Natas' pro kick somewhat resembled a hiking boot while Dill's model had a mild futuristic slant to it. I really wanted a pair, but I never found any. I did see a pair on the feet of the owner of BTB Skateshop in Joplin, Missouri. I think even he was a little surprised he found them. The Dill is sporting Vitas for most of his part in Alien Workshop's Photosynthesis video from 2000.

Transworld - April 2001 Volume 19 Number 4


Guido said...

I ve had two pairs.. handed me from DIll in person..
strange look, but they were really good to skate in

Justin said...

I could see that. They look oddly functional. I had a pair of Daewon 3s from about the same time period that were good, even though they veered toward being a running shoe.