Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tim O'Connor #2.

"Skating can’t be put in the same category as other sports. It’s more like music… you can be technically good but nobody gives a crap. Just because somebody can play the shit out of a guitar doesn’t mean they can write a song."

Tim is from Morristown, New Jersey. He rode for Think and Illuminati as an am back in the 1990s. He turned pro for Element and then left in 2000 to ride for Habitat. Along with Kerry Getz and Fred Gall, Tim was one of the first three pros on the Alien Workshop's sister company. He is still pro for Habitat, but chronic ankle injuries have taken him out of the game over the years. In terms of footwear, he has also been sponsored by Emerica, Savier, and Adidas. I always thought Tim has some of the best ollies in the game. It looks like he is effortlessly floating in the air, especially on backside ollie tricks on ramps.

Did Tim have a TV game show on TBS recently? I think I remember commercials for it, but never watched.

For the quote: The Chrome Ball Incident

Transworld - March 2001 Volume 19 Number 3

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