Friday, March 25, 2016

Jerry Hsu #4.

Sacred Heart.

Jerry is from San Jose, California. Marc Johnson helped get him sponsored by Maple back in the late 1990s. He turned pro for the Leaf in 1999 and switched to enjoi in 2001. In 2013, Jerry left the Panda to ride for Chocolate. For footwear, he was sponsored by Osiris from the beginning of his career until 2007 when he changed to Emerica. He's still on Chocolate and Emerica presently.

The ender in Bag of Suck was a two song epic part by Jerry. He skated to "Sacred Heart" by Cass McCombs and Sonic Youth's cover of the Carpenter's "Superstar". Jerry does a number of difficult tricks on awkward spots that would hurt badly if you fell. I know he battled injuries to get this part done and the skateboard world appreciates his effort. He does a lot of big switch tricks, including a massive switch ollie gap blast. He throws down fakie kickflips and switch 360 flips with ease. Jerry also understands the vibe about skating rocks. The final trick is a nollie backside heelflip down the Lincoln stairs just as the amp drop sounds in "Superstar".

One last thing I need to mention about Bag of Suck is the friends section. Set to "Ginger" by the Lilys, it captures the feeling of skateboarding with your friends perfectly. There's shredding, but there are also those good moments that happen between the tricks. The montage features a bunch of San Jose regulars and visitors as well as former enjoi riders Marc Johnson, Tony Manfre, Dave Mayhew, and Bobby Puleo. It's one of my favorite parts for sure.

That wraps up the look back at ten years of Bag of Suck. Hope everybody delighted in it.

There will be Vert Is Dead on Monday. I thought I was going to take a week off because the last two months of content have kicked my butt to put everything together. It's going to be some simpler stuff for a while. Single pages, one company focusing on one year type of things. Well, maybe one two pager.

Happy: Skateboarder - June 2006 Volume 15 Number 10

Royal: Thrasher - June 2006 Volume 26 Number 6


nonickname said...

using the ad as a segue, what's the story with all the hate for Royal online? I'm an indy guy but just got a pair of Royals for $20 cdn to get a setup going for my youngest and it's not like they're too much different that I can tell.
Also, had Jerry's brown leather Osirus mid tops, heavy, but a great shoe.

Henry York said...

nollie back heel, not nollie back kf

Justin said...

Henry - Thanks. Corrected. Only took a week for me to get around to it.

Nick - Yeah, Crailtp ain't doing too good with the ole internet peanut gallery. Some of it I get, but not all of it. I'll address this a little bit this week.