Thursday, March 24, 2016

Louie Barletta #4.

Clock Jitters.

Louie was riding for Maple before he joined enjoi in 2001. He became brand manager in 2013 after Matt Eversole left the Panda. Louie is in charge of who rides for the team, coordinating videos, designing ads, and all sorts of exciting behind the scenes skateboard stuff. For somebody likely to throw a Sal flip down a double set, Sweet Lou is just as likely to bust out a switch hardflip. His part in Bag of Suck featured a good mix of technical, transition, vintage, and street skating, sometimes done while wearing a coonskin hat. It's all fun. Louie is currently sponsored by Globe, Krux, and Pig Wheels. He enjoys woodworking and shopping on ebay in his spare time.

Selling Out: The Skateboard Mag - July 2005 Issue 16

Osiris: Thrasher - December 2004 Volume 24 Number 12

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