Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hazardous Skater & Mark Heintzman.

"Your buddy likes weird stuff. Everybody else just buys Powell Peralta reissues."

I've ordered a few reissue boards over the last couple years. I was a little skeptical of owning skateboards that weren't going to be ridden, but then I saw some Schmitt Stix remakes right after Christmas at a reasonable price so I took the plunge into the world of decks as wall art. Of course everybody remembers the Powell, Santa Cruz, and Vision stuff vividly because those were the big three and many of their graphics border on legend status. From doing this website, I've rediscovered the slightly more obscure stuff I missed out on back in the late 1980s. That's what interests me for collecting. For whatever reason I never had a Schmitt Stix board so it was an opportunity to pick up something I always thought was cool. The Mark Heintzman is by Assault and is relatively faithful to his original pro model on G & S. I always was a fan of Mark and thought the ketchup graphic was neat. However, I think my collecting is about at its conclusion as I don't have much wall space left in my apartment.

The quote is from my friend Paul. I've been ordering from his friend's shop when I do order stuff for the wall and he was relaying what the owner said.


Scobey said...

I remember riding that SS deck back in the day. As I recall, I loved it.
I'm not much of one for hanging boards on the wall either. My reasoning is that skateboards are for skating. One of my present set-ups is a dipped, old school (short, flat nose) fish shape of unknown derivation that Mark Gonzales drew a Hosoi "rising sun" graphic on, using a black Sharpie. My friends urged me to hang it up or make a bit of scratch by selling it on eBay. After 30 seconds or so of consideration, I decided to drill some rails into/onto it & set it up for "silly sessions" in the bowl at the local skateboard gymnasium. Absolutely zero regrets.
Still, a deck DOES make for some fun wall art, regardless.

nonickname said...

I feel kinda the same, I bought a Jeremy Klein 'dream girl' original shape about two years ago when he first started putting out his re-issues. Always wanted that deck when I was young and never had it, so when it showed up and he had signed it I thought 'yep, its going on the wall". A little while later it was gripped, set up with 149's and bigger soft wheels and now its my cruiser set up that I go and get the mail/goof around on when the kids are riding their bikes. No flip tricks, but the manuals and 180's are fun enough.

Justin said...

It was really tough not to set up the Heintzman. I agree for the most part that skateboards are for riding.

I had the Klein when it came out. I still remember a fun session in a parking lot with curbs on that board.

I'm a little perplexed as to how we used to do tricks on wide boards with no nose. It just doesn't seem physically possible on those shapes.