Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rick McCrank #4.

Abandon Ship!

What exactly has been happening at Girl and their related companies as of late? It seems like somebody you would never expect to quit leaves the team every couple of weeks now. The internet peanut gallery sure gets a kick out of hating on Crailtap, too. I can see being critical of some of the stuff they have done over the last few years because it hasn't exactly fit in with the image of Girl, but any company that has been around for over twenty years is going to have the occasional misstep in the fickle skateboard world. At the same time, it's Mike Carroll and Rick Howard, two of the best ever. I suppose this is just an example of how tastes change over the years and things move in cycles.

Shout out to Skate & Annoy.

Transworld - August 2005 Volume 23 Number 8


nonickname said...

Here's a not so cryptic message for McCrank...just because your shop name is anti-social it doesn't mean your staff have to be. The vibe from that place was intense. Went in looking to spend some coin and support a local while on a work trip, left disappointed.

Justin said...


A friend is back in town from elsewhere and was the saying the same thing about some of the shops where he is at. (It's not Vancouver.)