Monday, April 11, 2016

Independent Bearing Press.

This week Vert Is Dead takes a look at a bunch of crap I've bought, won, or was given.

Over the last summer I was having problems with my bearings because they were old and kept breaking. This meant I was taking bearings out of my wheels rather often and I was having a hard time doing so. Bearings go into new wheels easily. Not so much the case with older wheels. I started wondering if anybody still made a press for bearings. A regular commenter pointed out that NHS had a couple of different models. I checked their website and decided I was getting myself one for Christmas. It's a handy piece of gear to have, although it took me a little bit to figure out how to use it for removing bearings. There is a little nub on the front that you hook onto the bearing in the wheel and then the lever will pull the bearing out by pressing the wheel against the front. I mounted the press on a cheap bookcase I use for storing CDs in my bedroom. I think I'm slowly working towards my goal of living in skateboard shop.

Note: I had the darndest time taking a photo of this thing. It's kind of in a weird corner that doesn't have great lighting. I probably should have used a different lens or something, but I figure I got the picture OK enough for the internet.

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