Wednesday, April 13, 2016

SPoT M & M's.

"It was a good-sized box, bigger than bread, fashioned of basic brown cardboard. Its heavy weight puzzled me, filling the air with anticipation as I tore open the top flaps. The mystery was finally usurped by my surprise: a full-on regulation-size McDonald's straw dispenser (filled with those huge 3/8" diameter straws) gleaming out at me. I pulled it up and out, sat it on the counter where I worked and that was that. That was around 1984. I don't remember who or where it was from or why, just that it was sent by a skateboarder. A gift, a favor, joke, prank, piece of conceptual art or whatever you want to call it - it was pretty off the cuff and creative." - Gary Scott Davis

It's not exactly a straw dispenser from the Golden Arches, but it is close. I often order stuff from the Skate Park of Tampa. I ordered a deck last fall and the box it came in was larger than what they normally use for just one board. It was also heavier and felt unbalanced. I open the package up to discover this guy had been included with my order. Thanks, dudes.

The quote is from GSD's essay "This Could Be The Fuse" in Dysfunctional, (London: Booth-Clibborn Editions, 1999), 22.

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