Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Leo Romero #3.


RVCA published a large format magazine called ANP Quarterly for a few years. ANP was short for Artist Network Program. The mag featured interviews, stories, and portfolios for a variety of artists, musicians, and other creative folks. It was a pretty neat read that must have cost a fortune to print. The editors were Aaron Rose, Ed Templeton, and Brendon Fowler. They did eventually offer a subscription. I managed to get issues six to ten from the first volume and everything from volume two. It was published on a quarterly basis, but got off schedule after a few years so a new copy would show up somewhat randomly. I don't think I renewed my subscription and the magazine still kept coming. I thought it was done when Ed left to ride for Eswic, but there was an issue from 2013 that was probably the end.

Thrasher - March 2006 Volume 26 Number 3

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