Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Marc Johnson #10.

Limitless by design.

Didn't Marc quit Emerica for Lakai on the sly as well? I think he was always a fan of Adidas so it probably does make sense to take an offer they make.

It's more than a little sad skateboarding is slowly creeping towards two choices for footwear and it won't be Vans or Airwalk. I really don't want to wear shoes with a swoosh or three stripes on them. One of the things that appealed to me about skateboarding was that it was different and you didn't have to be a jock. Jeff Grosso and John Lucero touched on this in their recent Weekend Buzz interview. Skateboarding was for the characters that didn't necessarily fit in and not the quote unquote cool kids. However, the growth of skateboarding has changed that over the years. That's not necessarily bad, just not necessarily a one hundred percent good thing either. I guess you are always going to lose a little something from one generation to the next. Maybe thanks to the internet the next batch will keep up with the history now that it is increasingly easier to do so.

Big Brother - July 1999 Number 50

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