Monday, May 23, 2016

Mike Carroll #16.

Another Mike Carroll power move.

The big news of the last week was that Marc Johnson now rides for Adidas. He abruptly quit Lakai to the displeasure of Mike so he got the boot from Chocolate via an interview on Jenkem. Mike's side of the story is that he knew Marc was leaving for the brand with three stripes, but was expecting a fair warning. Marc denied he was leaving and then the next day it was announced during the premiere of the new Adidas video, "Away Days", that MJ was on the team. This is understandably a major bummer given the amount of footwear Lakai had in production with Marc's name on it and Carroll reacted accordingly. Kind of like when Tod Swank kicked Dan Drehobl off Foundation in an ad.

Transworld - December 1999 Volume 17 Number 12


Justin said...

Mike's side of the story:

Anonymous said...

Is this the infamous bail shot photo?

Justin said...

No idea. It could be. I don't know if it was just my scanner, but those pants look really weird.