Monday, September 12, 2016

California Cheap Skates 1990.

Mail Order Days.

Let's do this. Here's the pages and pages of board porn that everyone has been asking for. I picked out one catalog from each year between 1990 and 1994 to fill up the week.

This is probably the first CCS catalog I had. It has the address for my friend on the back so I most likely permanently borrowed it from him before ordering something.

You've got a varied selection of the bigger brands of the 1980s - Alva, BBC, Santa Cruz, Powell Peralta, and Sims. There are also the upstart companies that would shape the next decade of skateboarding - H-Street, World Industries, Lucero, and even Small Room.

I had the Matt Hensley Pro, the Mike Vallely Full, the Steve Saiz, and the Fred Smith Maxi. NHS recently reissued a t-shirt of the Jim Thiebaud avenger so I picked one up when I was at my friend's shop. I used to have the shirt, but it was lost over the years.

The cover photo is of Justin Lynch at McGill's Skate Park. It was taken by Chris Carnel.

This is the Spring/Summer 1990 catalog.


stephen said...

i had a bunch of those decks. favorite from those shown was that natas though. had a few of those. kinda remember it having a good concave and i like their wood at the time. shortly after this i was all about world/blind tho

Bill said...

so rad! you know we are going to harass you until you scan them all. thanks my friend!

Anonymous said...

I need all the ones from 90 till 93. I will pay you for your time. No joke.

nonickname said...

Damn you CCS circa 1990! Misspelling Jesse Neuhaus! Us glasses wearing skaters loved that guy.

Justin said...

You're welcome.

I honestly thought pages of decks were too boring of a thing to scan in and look at, but I think it turned out better than I thought it would. Enjoy.

Anonymous, email me. I don't have all that many catalogs from then. Just enough.

They didn't even try. Newhouse.

bradtheraddad said...

I cant believe i learned backside flips on that Ron Allen no scratch 10 inch boat!!

Justin said...

Yeah, it's a little amazing the tricks that were landed on those decks.