Friday, September 2, 2016

Phil Shao #12.

“He was a positive influence on people he’d never even met. He got to touch and influence so many through skating. Right after he died, a kid from Montreal, Quebec named Vincent Dumoulin called me and just wanted to tell me that Phil was the nicest guy he’d met and how bummed he was. You can tell Phil touched so many people. He definitely left a positive mark." - Greg Carroll

Always remember.

Have a good Labor Day weekend.

Vert Is Dead will be back on Monday, September 12th. I have no idea what I'll be posting. Maybe something for Etnies since they are 30 years old now. Any suggestions? A week of decks from CCS catalogs?

Thrasher - November 1992 Volume 12 Number 11


Ben said...

yep, ccs catalogs. the older the better.

nonickname said...

Both of those are great ideas, to me Etnies will always be Penny in a baggy striped polo or Sal's whereas CCS catalogs (to a Canadian) were glossy pipe dreams.
In skating news I focused a board for the first time in decades this weekend. A number of factors led to it, but still, it was ridiculous and a trip to the shop is in order for my penitence.

Best Longboards said...

That was the really great campaign. 5 years ago I have got such opportunity and I win the2nd runner-up champion trophy. Then I have used a Sector 9 bamboo longboard. I really miss those days very much.