Thursday, September 29, 2016

Jason Lee #7.

Metal Circus.

There used to be a skateboard shop in my town. It was open from probably about 1989 until 1993 or 94 when a fire wiped out half the block it was on. The family that owned it had a sports store, but devoted a good chunk of the shop to skateboards and clothing. I'm sure that their son had a little input on carrying skate gear because he sort of skated. I want to say he was more into snowboarding. In thinking back about the place, they probably did pretty well with business from skateboarding. Enough people were skating and I don't think we were really doing all that much mail order. They had a decent selection and carried Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, Vision, Blockhead, Airwalk, and more. Since they were selling Vision products, they also carried other companies that were distributed by them like Sims and Lucero. I had a ton of shirts from both brands. Although I don't think they ever had the boards. Anyway, they did carry Blue and possibly TV. I had a Chris Pastras slick that I bought there. I believe a friend had a TV deck, but I'm not positive where he got the board from. The Dune was chunky and heavy compared to the Mike Carroll slick I had been riding previously.

Congratulations to Brian Anderson. May nothing but happiness come your way.

The new Supreme clip is cool. Alex Olson has some good tricks and B.A. shreds Phillie. I always liked that Kim Carnes song and it was cool to see it used with something that wasn't lame.

Taking the day off from work yesterday was a good idea. I got skateboarding for a while in the morning while it was sunny and warm. It looks like off and on rain for the next four days.

Transworld - November 1992 Volume 10 Number 11


White Ninja said...

2 thing? Does he come out re-vert? And look at the size of his wheels
What we're we thinking.

Lucas said...

My friend set up at a TV Templeton slick in 1992.

"What kind of deck is that?"

"Dictionary Skateboards."

Thick, heavy. Terrible.

Justin said...

I think Jason comes out regular. It's a little hard to tell.

Lucas - That seems about right. Slicks were the worst.