Tuesday, September 13, 2016

California Cheap Skates 1991.

It's 1991, stand up and take a look around.

I had the Matt Hensley Church Glass and the Danny Way Street with the Volkswagen ripoff. That board was super light compared to the Hensley. I think it met an early demise due to nose damage from launch ramp trickery, which was a bummer. H-Street/Planet Earth/Life and World Industries/Blind were going strong with newer companies like Real, New Deal, and New School just getting started. Powell, G & S, Santa Cruz/SMA were holding things down for the old timers club. I really like the Black Label decks. Any time you can work in Max Evans to a post, it is a good thing.

The nollie flip that Mike Carroll does on flat in the new LA Courthouse clip from Crailtap is great.

Tony Hawk and Bucky Lasek do some doubles at the Hawk compound. The photo is by Sin Egelja.

This is the Fall 1991 catalog.


Jim said...

Rob Royksopp double kick, how did I miss that one

nonickname said...

Had the Joe Gruber and the Steve Douglas, really wanted the Danny Sargent, but for some reason that Barker Barrett graphic always weirded me out.

Rikku Markka said...

I had the Santa Cruz slick, the TG ripoff graphic and the Dune board, which was so huge. I think the next graphic for Templeton was the girl with the foot connected to her hand, and I did have that one. The nose was really pointy.

--Rikku Markka

Ben said...

Could you scan more from 1990, 1991, and 1992? It brings back so many good memories for me. Thanks

stephen said...

That Danny Sargent deck looks wicked! I don't even remember the double kick roskopp but it looks like something I'd skate now. Haha. At the time tho I would've been all about that j lee or gonz deck.

stephen said...

Oh. And a Mike keeper photo!! Ha. Always thought that dude would blow up more.

Justin said...

There was almost a Mike Kepper post for Think week, but the ad wasn't so good.

Ben - I'll maybe start adding more catalogs every so often. I've got others from different companies that I'll scan one or two of for Old School December.

I'm bummed I never had a Blind deck back then. I had one Polar board two years ago that was so close to the feel of those old World boards, only with much better construction.

vaskateboards said...

The Danny Way DW was one of the most progressive boards that came out in 91 and way ahead of it's time (well a much as you can at the time).