Monday, August 7, 2017

Chris Pastras #3.

"It's a good excuse to hurt myself. It's like suicidal yoga. When I skate I forget about all the people I don't like and the people I do like. It's anger management."

I always liked this quote from Chris in the Dysfunctional book, mainly for calling skateboarding suicidal yoga.

Vert Is Dead fully endorses feeble grinds on small transitions.

I think I remember how to do this thing. So are Lakai and Anti-Hero making real life DVDs of their new flicks? Kevin Rodrigues has apparently left Polar for probably Hockey. That bummed me out a little, but things change over time. I decided on two weeks of random 2007 stuff from Slap and Skateboarder for the new content.

The photo is by Allen Ying.

Skateboarder - January 2007 Volume 16 Number 5


nonickname said...

No idea which blue note (or similar) album this ad was based on, but the colour scheme, outline/shadows of the buildings and layout are perfect.

Maurice said...

Yeah. Normally I'm not into, "Look at that background!", when it comes to skateboard photos. But that one is pretty sick.