Friday, August 4, 2017

The Local Skatepark.

I figure I'd take a break from former spots to post a place you can actually skateboard at in town. The park was installed in August of 2004 and has more or less survived the 13 winters since. It is starting to show some age with cracks in the pavement and chipping of the ramps, but the concrete is holding up fairly well. There are lights at night and Lake Erie makes for a nice background, except for when there is a nasty breeze blowing across the lake.

In the early days, the place would get packed. Nowadays, it's almost weird if a lot of people are there. There used to be a ton of guys coming down from Buffalo and the surrounding areas to roll around. A young Jake Donnelly would often show up to skate back when he was in high school. His town is about a half hour away.

I go here nearly every day. There's a small group of BMXers who are regulars. They're all a bit older and just want to ride their bikes so they aren't a problem. They usually pick up their trash so that helps. Lately, a few of the kids who grew up skateboarding here have been riding more so that's a plus. There's the usual random freak scene children that wander by from time to time, too.

If you end up here, just don't move the parking block. Thanks.

I'll think of something for next week. There was a computer upgrade at the Vert Is Dead headquarters and I haven't attempted to do any serious scanning since the update. I will definitely do another week of old spots in the future. I've got to check my archives and hit up some friends to see about pictures from the ramps we used to roll around on.


Maurice said...

The thing that strikes me is the contrast between the actual, local spots and the sterile, concrete skatepark.
I don't mean it in a bad way. The park reminds me of the skatepark that was built in my town. I went there and skated it, and it was... okay. I don't know if I'd ever feel the same connection to it like a real, actual spot. I can literally go downtown now and still think, There it is! There is my old spot!
A lot of it is probably just the fact that I'm not 12 years old anymore. But skatepark are so public. It's nice having YOUR spot, that just you go to.

Dustin Weatherwax said...

First, a big thank you to Vert is Dead for always being another reminder of why I still skate at 42....and @Maurice, I know what you mean. There's always a distant feel to parks as opposed to the spot that you skate because it's yours.

Dustin Weatherwax said...

Also, do you remember a skate shop in Buffalo called Sunday? I still have a ton of their stickers

nonickname said...

Sponsored by "Imported" Labbatt's Blue? I can't believe that's even sold south of the border. Can't imagine a park here having a giant Rolling Rock logo.
And yes, although there's parks popping up like mushrooms these days I can't see them holding the same place as the old crusty spots we skated when had to search them out and hope for the best

Justin said...

Yes, Sunday is still going in Buffalo. They probably aren't in the same place that you remember, but they're still there. I think they moved to Grant Street. I only went there once when they were off of Elmwood. That was a few years ago.

Western NY keeps Labatt in the black. We drink so much of their beer they put a corporate headquarters in Buffalo.

The Labatt stickers showed up a few years ago. One scooter kid spray painted over the one on the mini ramp with the word orange. I applaud his complementary color selection, but it was a lame thing to do.

Honestly, skateboarding was getting kind of bleak in town before they put the park in. This place isn't great, but for where I live, it is amazing. It's come to be my spot. Now that I'm older, I appreciate it more.