Friday, June 20, 2008

Eric Ricks.

For this week I've been posting pictures from 1992. I wanted to mix it up and I got tired of having to move the stack of magazines from 92 to get to the older ones. 1992 was a transition period from bigger boards with rails and high tops to slick bottoms, smaller wheels and low tops. The year wasn't without its charm, but it didn't yield many awesome images that I wanted to scan in.

Steve Sherman's photo of Eric Ricks' fire hydrant ollie perfectly sums the good things up. Baggy shorts, baggy button down shirt, Adidas and small wheels. Even though the photo is a BW, I'm sure Ricks' clothes are correctly color coordinated. That hat probably matches the shoes and the shirt might have a bit of the same color in the pattern. It's little things like that help unify a photo or work of art and make it stand out. The picture wouldn't be the same if he was wearing some nasty purple oversized jeans and an extra baggy green shirt. Also, I know people tend to think of the big pants/small wheels era as having a lot of low to the ground flip tricks, but thankfully there were still skaters with pop getting off the ground.

Transworld - December 1992 Volume 10 Number 12

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