Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The New Deal #2.

The second New Deal ad. You've got Danny Sargent at the China Banks and an Andy Howell drawing of a monkey, plus a nifty little statement of purpose. The grand irony in all of this? A couple years after the New Deal started, Howell began a little venture called Underworld Element. The name Underworld was soon sadly dropped and we were left with Element. As in the same Element that today sponsors Bam Margera, Mike Vallely and Chad Muska and has a sizable chunk of the action sports soft goods market. I would safely say that Element is bigger than Vision ever was. Not that many (any?) of the original group that started the New Deal are still with the company, but it makes you wonder if they would have stuck with their plan had they known how the future would have them becoming exactly what they were trying to get away from? The overall growth of skateboarding has been largely beneficial with more places to ride and better equipment, yet it sometimes feels like small things got lost along the way.

Thrasher - July 1990 Volume 10 Number 7

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