Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mike Taylor.

Mike Taylor was an am who was getting some decent coverage in the early 1990s and then disappeared around 1992. This happens a lot. I'm curious what happened to him. Was it an injury? Was he over skateboarding when the wheels got smaller? Was he a kook?

Taylor rode for Vision and G & S. I don't believe that he ever went pro, even with G & S loosing a number of riders when Alien Workshop and Birdhouse Projects started. The handwriting on the board reads "New Power Generation" and is a most likely a reference to Prince's band at the time. I say most likely because you never know sometimes.

Sin Egelja took the photo.

Note: This is not the same Mikey Taylor who currently rides for Alien Workshop.

Thrasher - March 1992 Volume 12 Number 3

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Anonymous said...

He became a rapper and is now known as Michael "Life" Taylor

Here's his facebook page:

Michael LIFE is a member of the musical super group known as EMPIRE. He is a professional performer and songwriter and also a serious poker player in his time away from the music. His hobbies are skateboarding, snowboarding, working out, and working on three screenplays he is developing. He and his partners in EMPIRE are presently based in Phoenix, Arizona. LIFE spends his days working hard on The EMPIRE plan for worldwide recognition.
As a young kid in Phoenix, Arizona he was an expert sponsored skateboarder and snowboarder and traveled all over the United states competing and filming for videos. In the 90’s his love for hip hop music led him to a chance meeting with a young rapper from West Philadelphia named Zabdullah. LIFE ended up traveling to live with Zab’s family at their home in Parkside, a neighborhood in West Philly where he gained skill and respect as a rapper, songwriter, and as a very charismatic artist and performer. Throughout the late nineties they spent their time between West Philly, Phoenix AZ, Los Angeles CA, Orlando FL, and brief stints in Detroit, Dallas, and San Diego. Over those years of traveling like “hip hop gypsies” LIFE and Zab’s hip hop group Underground Empire opened shows for just about every major rap act and recorded for underground music label Immortal Records.