Sunday, June 8, 2008

Jim Thiebaud & Mike Conroy.

These are two stickers from 1990 that showcase some vintage Santa Monica Airlines artwork. I have a shoe box full of stickers that I went through recently because I thought I had a few older ones that would make for good scans. Aside from an unopened pack of Fucked Up Blind Kids, it turns out I don't have all that many from back in the day and nobody wants to see a Tracker, Kryptonics or Hook - Ups sticker all that much. I do have a huge quantity of each version of the Real logo from 2000 on and every color of Spitfire big head for when I decide to do a retrospective on either of those companies. Real had some neat logos a few years ago and their oval is a classic design.

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swampy said...

mike conroy ruled. he used to get props from street dudes back in the day. i heard he married a dentist or something. cha ching.