Friday, June 13, 2008

Natas Kaupas.

I figured I had to go with something evil for Friday the 13th. (Or it was going to be the Slimeball ad where Ricky Winsor drinks the bowl of gutter vomit, but I found this bad boy first.) This is one of the classic graphics that helped define World Industries and its related brands, 101 and Blind, in the early 1990s. Marc McKee created the beast, which totally played on Natas' name. Just because Natas is of Lithuanian descent and his name spells Satan backwards, the anti - skateboard crowd picked on him. Given World's fuck you attitude of the time, they did what they could to piss people off. I had this ad hanging in my locker at high school. I somehow don't think you could get away with that in a school today. It seems kind of tame by current standards.

Thrasher - June 1991 Volume 11 Number 6


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