Monday, February 9, 2009

Hugh "Bod" Boyle.

Toxic Death Sentence.

Thrasher - July 1991 Volume 11 Number 7


smorales said...

don't know much about the skater, just the song from Memory Screen.

justin said...

Bod came from England and landed a spot on Santa Cruz. He kicked some ass at vert and would routinely get 2nd behind Hawk. He went on to work in the industry once the wheels got small.

I'm willing to bet Neil Blender had something to do with the song. I could never tell if they were making fun of Bod or not. I don't think they were.

I watched Memory Screen on Friday night and just like everybody else, felt I should do some sort of Alien Workshop post for today. That video is a perfect summary of all the early 90s underground/indie/'zine/music/slacker/cable access/skateboarding culture. I can't say it paints a complete picture of each one of those areas, but as a whole, it is amazing and beautiful.

It's funny because Memory Screen got a "watch it once and move on" review in Thrasher when it came out.

smorales said...

Do you have an original vhs of the video? I would kill for one. The closest I have is the "Ode to Pitre" clip in Timecode. That kickflip backside tailslide is great.

I really like Timecode in general. Where Memory Screen seems like the zine underground, Timecode feels to me like xenia as the postapacolyptic wasteland. ie Gummo

justin said...

I just have a VHS copy that I made from the original, so it is really good quality. I borrowed it from an old vert skater. I also got Celebrity Tropical Fish and Not The New H- Street video from him. I probably could have gotten away with keeping them, but I didn't want to be a dick. I was still pissed I lost my copies of Ravers and Splendid Eye Torture. I did manage to get a copy of SET back that ironically enough was made from my original tape.

I think Alien used to have copies of Memory Screen available as recently as 2001. It was in their catalogs, but I called one time and the guy I talked to said they were all out. Timecode is great, too. I've got that. Being in college and not being around any skateshops caused me to miss out on a lot videos of videos between 92 and 96, but I did keep up with Alien. Now that I think about it, I missed a chance to order Big Brother's Shit for some dumb reason.

Keith said...

That Hugh bod Boyle song from Memory Screen was the bomb! I think it was a homage to Hugh.

Justin said...

I think it was a homage to Hugh, too.

The soundtrack is so damn good, which was one thing I noticed when I watched the video again. Like it all sounds like bands I listen to today and/or back then. As far as I know a lot of it was Blender and friends of the Alien Workshop, which makes then super obscure and all the more amazing.

Worked World's "The Pryor Song" is my favorite, but there isn't a single bad song in the mix.