Thursday, February 26, 2009

Steve Berra.

Backside kickflip to tail

Where to begin with Steve Berra? He started off as a vert am for Blockhead in Splendid Eye Torture and then switched over to the streets for 101, Alien Workshop, Birdhouse, Foundation and Television. He was one of my favorite pros during the 1990s, but not so much these days. I'm still looking forward to watching his part in Mind Field.

This is probably one of the last photos of him skating transition. I wish he stuck with being an all around skater instead of being strictly a street guy. If I could do backside indy 360s to fakie on vert, I'd want to make sure I kept that trick as long as possible.

The photo is by Dave Swift.

Transworld - October 1995 Volume 13 Number 10


smorales said...

He looks like Jason Lee in that photo.

Royce said...

Riding a Jamie Thomas Toy Machine board.

Jodi said...

was this before or after his foundation blunt kickflip ad on the girl skateboards vert ramp? yeah i know crazy huh, girl had a vert ramp. either way, berra killed it on street and vert before he started acting, directing, and running his own skate park & skate site.