Thursday, February 5, 2009

Paul Sharpe.

This dude could ollie like a champ. He could also nollie, 180 nollie and I think switch ollie pretty damn high, too. Paul rode for SMA, Consolidated and Foundation before he started Supernaut. I had one of the first Supernaut boards - a light blue/dark blue team model with a satellite dish and antennas on it. They made some good decks.

Slap - October 1996 Volume 5 Number 10


smorales said...

don't forget pop shove. His tilt mode "man down" section is classic stuff.

JNH said...

Another great scan. This ad is oddly beautiful; I love all the stuff happening in the background and the single column of type.

Justin said...

I'm not feeling the green. The composition of the photo is great. I like the subtle contrast of yellows and purples.