Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jordan Richter #1.

Jordan was the hot am for Santa Cruz and then cemented his place in skateboarding history with the least watched part in the Blind video. He joined up with the New Deal after Mark Gonzales and Jason Lee made their exits from Blind. He had a few tricks in the Children Of The Sun video and soon faded away from the public spotlight. You would always read rumors about him still skating in the late 1990s, but there wasn't ever much evidence to prove it.

Thrasher - May 1993 Volume 13 Number 5


Royce59 said...

After New Deal he rode for Goodtimes with the likes of Adam McNatt.

Old School Sammy said...

I thought either Skateboarder or the Skateboard Mag did a catching up piece with him. He was skating vert, all padded up, with a big Grizzly Adams beard and stache kit...

justin said...

I did a google searchthis morning that turned up a 2006 photo of him all bearded and padded up on Concrete Disciples.

Did he ever have a board on Goodtimes? I remember people saying that he was skating with them.

I wish I had a little more free time because there are a lot of good where are they nows/inside stories in Skateboarder, especially from when Meza was working there.

Royce said...

Jordan did have a board on Goodtimes. He was driving cabs for work as well later on.

Giles said...

that video days part is sadly underrated. he took the revert to a new level. i believe he converted to islam. a bit odd, as i think he's jewish.

royce said...

The Blind video would have been much different had everything worked out as planned.


I think if Way would have had a part, Jordan's would have worked better. His part is amazing vert-wise. Just ended up being the sore thumb without someone else.

Throw Turner in the mix, it would have been interesting.

justin said...

I could do without the Way, but otherwise I'd have to agree with you. The world needs more Turner.

I think the biggest problem was the song Jordan used. I like Black Flag, just not that song. It didn't really fit, although on paper it seems like a good idea.

royce said...

Always have dug Way and his skating. I think it would almost be required with that natural ability to have a bit of a perpetual chip on the shoulder. Convidence puts allot of people off.

I always thought the Gonz/Way relationship was odd.

Jordan said...

Hell-o Y'all,

Just an FYI, I did have a couple boards out for Goodtimes, I am also a Muslim. and still Skate from time to time. And I Don't drive a Cab, I have a perfume business.

Please, if you have any questions I am open and more than happy to answer them, just to help clear up some of the many mis-conceptions about me and my whereabouts.

Your friend Jordan Richter.


Jordan said...

You can email me at fullbars@gmail.com

JoeG said...


here's a little something