Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brian Frostad.

Hey man, what's cool?

Transworld - February 1991 Volume 9 Number 2


agapitos said...

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Keith said...

^^ what's that post above have to do with Blockhead? LOL

I always tried to support Blockhead back in the Splendid Eye Torture days. I had those hard times wheels. They were too bid for my liking so I loaned them to some kid to skate for a while to wear them out and make them smaller. Didn't really work out very well.

Andrew said...

DAMN loved the feel of the hardtimes ads from blockhead. Maybe one day you could run a hard times tribute....
The timing is definitely appropriate what with the world on da brink of economic collapse.

justin said...

Remote controlled airplanes have everything to do with Blockhead. Duh. I think somebody's account got hacked or spammed.

I really want to put up more Blockhead, but so many of their ads are not going to scan well at all due to the colors they used. I have been trying to figure out what to do next and I might see what I can do with them. I also want to scan some Strange Notes to go with the Intelligence Reports.