Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Eric Von Preising & Steve Bailey.

Goodtimes was started by Gregg Witt in 1991. He was just a teenager and the company was based out of Minnesota. They remind me of Foundation with slightly cleaner ads. There even was some overlap of riders with one time F - Trooper Graeme Stanners switching to Goodtimes. GIA singlehandedly tried to keep vert alive during the 1990s by sponsoring many a ramp skater, including Dave Leroux, Matt Moffett, Eddy Alioto and Jordan Richter. They also had Joe Pino and his massive ollies to keep it real in the streets.

I don't know all that much about Eric Von Preising, but we all know who Steve Bailey is.

The photos are by Dave Swift.

Transworld - August 1991 Volume 9 Number 8


smorales said...

cool ad. Steve Bailey UCSC alum woot.

Anonymous said...

This company and the simple ads makes me think of One More skateboard company, in which you paid around $65 and you got two boards. Didn't last long though.

Damn, Jordan Richter was on Goodtimes, too?

I remember right before his stint on New Deal, Jordan had an Indy ad in Thrasher doing a BS 180 nosegrind on the brown marble ledge in SF and (maybe my mind is merging these two facts together) but in the same issue of Thrasher the rumor was Jordan was gonna be the first pro of a new company out of Deluxe called Family skateboards. Of course this never happened.

— Rikku Markka

Mr. Buttermaker said...

Didn't Peter Hewitt also skate for Goodtimes as well?..he has several boards listed on AOS....

justin said...

I looked this up last night. Jordan did have an Indy ad doing the backside 180 nose grind at brown marble. That was in March 1993. There was mention of a new company with Jordan and Coco in the gossip section of Thrasher in November 1992, but there was no mention of the name and it never happened. I thought there was a vague comment around that time about Jordan not being a family man or something, but I couldn't find it last night. I believe that there was an article in Skateboarder that explained Family. I almost want to say an ad or at least a logo appeared in print at one point. Jordan has checked out this site and left his email, so I might ask him about the mystery company. I only know bits and pieces of what happened. Ah, the good old days before the internet.

Hewitt is listed on Skim The Fat as being in the 1996 Goodtimes video. I wasn't sure yesterday morning if he was on the team since he was riding for Santa Cruz around that point, but I would believe it since a lot of his friends rode for Goodtimes. He probably was on before switching to Santa Cruz. A lot of times if a company has a long list of riders, I'll only type out a few names.

Jordan said...


Yes That was an Indy Ad; Doing a B-side 180 NG. Also to confirm that was during the time when Deluxe liked me for a couple of months and offered to do a company called Family with them, consequently Jason Lee and Dune came on the scene with Stereo sounds, which seemed to be a much better deal for Deluxe. Jason and Dune were Heavy hitters and they also were prepared to go all-out on the creative process in building the Brand Stereo. "Also Jason had money" (which is a plus of-course) So I kinda got faded out of the picture. But I don't hate them for it, I understand. It was just a business move. And about Coco; to my knowledge he was not going to be on Family. I was however expected to build the whole team and do all creative work myself?? Pretty tall order for me at the time..; a pretty unrealistic expectation. All an all; dealing with deluxe was a very weird experience. I felt totally like I was be lead on. I guess you can say I was sorta being pimped like a 5$ crack whore. But again I don't hate them nor am I jaded. I just want to be clear on this matter.

Thanks for reading