Friday, July 24, 2009

Skate Zone.

For all the video footage I've seen of this place, it feels like I've been there, even though I've never been to Santa Barbara. I know parks today have more stuff and are generally better, but this is one spot I'd like to see brought back from the dead.

Jeff Toland up in this piece, too.

Bones Brigade Intelligence Report - Fall 1990 Volume 3 Number 6


Anonymous said...

I would have loved to skate this place; I had a friend who was sponsored by Powell in the early '90s and he said it was amazing to skate there. The contest footage I had seen of it in the Plan B and Birdhouse Feasters videos make it seem like so much fun.

Too bad it closed its doors.

- Rikku Markka

16 millimeter said...

I got to skate it was just short of animal chin for a wee lad from the midwest.