Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Foundation.

The Foundation turns twenty this year. This ad was just rerun in the most recent issue of Thrasher. I dug their cut and paste style back in the early days.

Nice typo.

Transworld - February 1991 Volume 9 Number 2


Anonymous said...

Typos like that drive me crazy. I do layout and design for a newspaper, so I do read what I'm laying out and I'll catch stuff like that and all sorts of other mistakes according to the style books.

I think the one common mistake that makes me maddest, is when the writer refers to a person and uses the word that instead of the word who; e.g. "He's the kind of person that…" when it should be "He's the type of person who…"

Also, I not only read skate mags and catch this stuff, but I also look and the design of all the ads and try to figure out what the designer did to make the ad, and what font was used, etc. I just shake my head when I see a Volcom ad, because I know a poor designer had to waste time clipping paths and arranging layers all just to make it seem like the ad is some sort of homemade 'zine cut and paste job.

— Rikku Markka

smorales said...

That ad threw me off a bit in the new Thrasher, I thought it was part of some new art direction direction? Thanks for the background.

Justin said...

I feel the exact same way about typos and mistakes like that. I hate it when I make them and cringe when it is something that could have been easily prevented.