Monday, July 20, 2009

Sean Cliver.

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Powell Peralta published these 'zines called the Bones Brigade Intelligence Report. They were basically a catalog for the gear, but included a lot of editorial content with features on team riders and events. You would get behind the scenes info on tours, the making of their videos or what it was like on the set of SK8TV. There were a lot of repeats of photos that were used in ads as well as other unseen pictures, especially once they built their skatepark. There were a few cartoons and other silly things to fit with the Powell Peralta image.

This is how Sean Cliver got his start in the skateboard industry. He won a contest to be an artist for Powell and the rest is history. The Ray Barbee ragdoll was one of his first graphics.

Bones Brigade Intelligence Report - April 1989 Volume 2 Number 10


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I remember the days of paste ups. Such a hassle, when you compare it to how pages are PDFed and FTPed now. My co-worker was so frustrated with paste ups, he yelled out, "FUCK this shit. Next issue we're going digital. I ain't messing with this paper and this wax anymore. Fuck it."

Were you ever able to get a copy of Powell's magazine "Lowlife?" It was pretty much like the Intelligence Report, but it was as a response to the success of Big Brother. They were handing them out at the Brooklyn Banks contest. It didn't last long, though.

— Rikku Markka

Keith said...

That is so cool. Always like Cliver's art.

Justin said...

I'm going to reload this image at some point because I accidentally resized it wrong. That's why it is too small and hard to read.

I work at a printshop and we still do some stuff with paste ups. It can be a pain in the ass. Quark and InDesign make life so much easier.

I never saw Lowlife.

I thought Cliver was the best writer for Big Brother.

bobjohn said...

Thanks for putting these up. I had most of these, in addition to the newspaper format Strange Notes (and later 'zine format) as well as a Blockhead photocopied 'zine (don't remember what it was called). My family had a real knack for throwing my skate stuff away and leaving their own shit in a pigstye.

Justin said...

I've got some Strange Notes that I will probably post soon. I was thinking about using them this week, but I didn't feel like scanning and I had a week's worth of unused material.

I never saw the Blockhead 'zine.

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