Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Guy Mariano, Paulo Diaz & Gabriel Rodriguez.

Guy, Paulo and Gabriel were going to be the next batch of pros for Powell Peralta. That never happened because they all left for various World Industries companies. It's a little weird not seeing Rudy Johnson in this group, but he was added to the team soon enough.


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Bones Brigade Intelligence Report - April 1989 Volume 2 Number 10


Keith said...

I like how Diaz is referred to as Pablo LOL

This comes back to the Guy Epicly Laterd and Rudy's crail couch about being the last of the four being added to Powell and how Stacey didn't even want him on but felt bad for him.

Justin said...

They got his name right in future Intelligence Reports.

I'm glad Peralta had second thoughts about Rudy. He's my favorite out of the group.