Friday, January 22, 2010

Curtis Hsaing #2.

"Thrills are cheap in this day and age, but Curtis Hsaing paid $90 for this frontside thruster."

Rest in peace, Curtis.

"I read something Curtis Hsiang wrote about how there was this pool in Berkeley and it was dry only once every five years, and every time it was empty, that was the biggest thing. That's insane. He didn't say, "Blah blah blah did this trick there, or, "Blah blah blah did this trick." It was the fact that you could only skate it for a week or two every five years, and it brought everybody together to skate. That's what skateboarding was for him. It was his friends coming together to skate something that wasn't around all the time. It's not about who's who in the X Games and who's done the biggest kickflip down the biggest set of stairs. There's always going to be somebody better; there's always going to be somebody doing something bigger; that's not what real skateboarding's about. It's about your friends and it's about having fun." - Louie Barletta

Bryce Kanights snapped the picture.

For the quote: Slap - December 2000 Volume 9 Number 12

Thrasher - April 1992 Volume 12 Number 4


smorales said...

yes, good

Anonymous said...

curtis ever time i skate a pool i think of you

Paul said...

"It's about your friends and it's about having fun."

That's true!