Monday, January 4, 2010

Doing Research.

Vert Is Dead will return with new stuff on January 18. I need a break.

It's going to be things from the 1992 - 1993 era.

Leave any requests in the comments or send me an email.

Thanks to everybody who follows this site.


Old School Sammy said...

This site is very incredible---take your time coming back, because I am sure you'll have tons of good stuff to throw our way!

I especially appreciate thup at you include guys that skate vert instead of just street (or both), because when I grew up, all we cared about was getting on those curves until about 1980 or so. We ALWAYS rode the streets, especially when the vert as covered in snow, but myself and my buddies were all about getting up and out on the curved walls.

Glad to see so many new pros wanting to do both these days. If you're burly enough to jump off huge gaps and onto huge rails---why be scared to ride up and down in a nice smooth flow?

smorales said...

do you know anything about that guy "papo" in the listen video? Was just watching that. At first the fact that he films so close that the skaters are cut off bothered me, but this time around I really liked the video.

Anyway, great stuff is on its way I'm sure.

El Clavo said...

My birthday is the 16th. I think you should do something to celebrate all that I've given to skateboarding through the years. Maybe some kind of lifetime achievement award? Or you could just mail me a thousand dollars.

justin said...

Sammy - Thanks for stopping by often. I like well rounded skateboarding even though I only skate street and mini ramps. Or rather street and mini ramps at parks these days because I suck and I'm old. I've noticed I do the "Street Button" on DVDs - skip the kids on the rails to get to the old dudes in the bowls. I do this with the Creature videos, I just want to see Navs, Parts and Hitz.

And don't worry, there will be vert photos to go with the next batch of scans I post.

justin said...

I think Papo was on the late 1990s version of Dogtown. I'll check my Big Brothers.

Listen is a cool video. It isn't mindblowingly awesome or something you watch a lot, but it has a nice feel to it.

freakbeatfuzz said...

Requests: Max Schaaf, Childress, Josh Nelson, Mike Frazier and Parts.

Old School Sammy said...


I have full years of Skateboarder and Action Now from pretty much late 1977 until the end, as well as Thrasher from almost the first year on until the 1990's (I bought the first issue from Jeannie at the Cherry Hill Park Skate Shop, right about the time some tough little kid slammed in the half pipe and put his two bottom teeth through his bottom lip, and with no ice, Jeannie put two frozen hot dogs in a zip-lock and he was back out hitting the pipe 20 mins later---LOVED that kid!) But since I don't want em sliced up to scan, I can't offer em up to you--lol.

Seriously though, keep up the good work--I totally enjoy what you're doing here.
---Rob (Old School Sammy)

jeremy said...

This is great, takes me back a bit, at least to when i started.
Tim Upson, JJ Rodgers come to mind

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