Thursday, January 28, 2010

Duane Pitre & Rob Dyrdek #2.

I know this has been online elsewhere, but I needed something to fill out Alien Workshop week. Rob should feature Duane on his show sometime. I don't know how well avant-garde electro acoustic compositions will go over with the kids, but they need to broaden their horizons a little.


In regards to Counterfit, I remember that company. They were basically selling blank goods and could charge a little less for them. The CIA stood for Counterfit Industries America. Their logo was a rip off of the 7-11 logo. One of my friends got flowed boards and wheels from them. He probably had some of the shirts, too. Their boards were this weird green color. Tony Tieu and James Qua were riders who would end up pro for other companies.


I'm in the clear for the Jason Dill ad I want to post tomorrow. I got scared when I saw Chrome Ball had Jason today. Chops has been killing it lately with Jeff Grosso, Ben Schroeder, Sean Mullendore and the John Drake interview.

Transworld - January 1992 Volume 10 Number 1

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Anonymous said...

Pitre Lives in new Orleans again and skates a local mini ramp from time to time, hes still a really cool dude.