Friday, January 29, 2010

Jason Dill #2.

Closing out Alien Workshop week is a young Dill during the Black Label days. It's kind of hard to imagine that he rode for any other company besides the Sect. I want to say that he is doing a nollie heelflip with some sort of varial involved, but I am not too sure. Although with how the board flips and the position of his front foot, could this be a pressure flip?

I watched Dill's parts in Skate More and Mindfield last night. His gear does veer towards the ridiculous in Skate More, which I think he has acknowledged in a recent interview. He did pull off some interesting moves with lots of variations on ollies over fire hydrants to manuals, which makes me appreciate the part. The problem I have with Mindfield is the use of Animal Collective songs. The band's music just does not work for skateboarding. It seems to go against the grain with the action that is happening on the screen. Jake Johnson does some raw tricks and it doesn't sink in as to what he is doing because "My Girls" is such a safe song. I had to watch his part a couple of times to realize exactly how gnarly and difficult the things he was doing were. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, enough rambling. I'm a fan of Dill.

Steve Sherman took the sequence.

Transworld - September 1992 Volume 10 Number 9


Mark said...

It's definitely a Nollie Varial Heelflip.

Keith said...

I swear I've seen the footage of that trick back in the day... maybe a Tracker or Blockhead video when he was a little grom.

Anonymous said...

Nollie heel varial, with some big ol' Trackers.

As for the Mindfield/Animal Collective, you are right because those songs don't match what's happening on screen, and it just leaves you cold. But that's only part of why I hate music like that; I always envision a bunch of hipster-ass dudes twisting knobs to get some wacky sound, and the ultimate goal isn't to make good music, but to juxtapose sounds so out there, it's beyond description.

Contrast that with Heath's part and Morrissey, or Dylan Rieder's part and Elliot Smith. Those parts have so much feel to them.

-- Rikku Markka

Stephen said...

ha! that description fuckin' ruled...

smorales said...

I got just as much "feeling" from dill and jake as from heath and dylan if not more. that's just like, your opinion mannn.

For service in English press one said...

I agree with how My Girls doesn't work with Johnson's section. I love both the song and the part but they don't really mix to me...I found that Dill's part worked with its song a little more, but the music still felt a bit the end though I think it's good that those songs were a part of Mindfield.

Soem time ago I fantasized about putting together a good video part set to Sludgefeast but the more I thought about it, it didn't seem cool. That song really belongs to the sickness of being alone than skating. To me, anyways. Who's to say what a piece of art belongs to.

Anonymous said...

"My Girls" would have been the perfect song for Vert Ramp part, too bad MindField was lacking one, huh?

Im Serious