Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thomas Morgan #3.

Thomas turned pro eighteen years ago today.

After Alien started with veteran pros Neil Blender and Steve Claar along with new kids Rob Dyrdek and Duane Pitre, they turned a few of the ams into professionals in 1992. This meant boards with their names on them for Bo Turner, Scott Conklin and John Drake, too. Fred Gall, Josh Kalis and Lennie Kirk were added to the team over the next four years. Unlike with a lot of companies during the 1990s, there weren't a lot of team changes at the Workshop. They also tended to develop their own talent rather than just pick up the latest hot am. It seemed like they would find riders from obscure places and that just added to the mysterious nature of the company that was illustrated in the ads and videos.

Transworld - March 1992 Volume 10 Number 3


Keith said...

They had Richard Angelides as an am for a minute back then as well.

justin said...

I did not know that.