Friday, February 11, 2011

Jamie Thomas #3.

I think somebody had requested this or it came up in the comments a long time ago. I tried looking for it at the time, but couldn't find it and then forgot about the Chief skating barefoot.

Around this time in skateboarding was when Jamie started to blow up, based in part to Toy Machine's Welcome To Hell video and due to his work ethic. He developed Zero from a t-shirt company into a board company, assembled a team and put out the Thrill Of It All video later in 1997. The rumor was that Jamie wasn't too happy at Emerica and he left for Adio. He was one of the original three pros at the brand with Steve Berra and Jeremy Wray.

Chops has a great interview with Ronnie Creager at Already Been Done.

It's supposed to be almost 40˚ F next week and skateboarding somewhere outside seems like it might actually happen.

Transworld - February 1997 Volume 15 Number 2

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Keith said...

Fallen just did a re-issue of this shoe iirc

I've never owned a pair of Fallen in my life.